Monthly Reports

International Methods Applied in Monitoring anti-Semitism

The Brüsszel Intézet (Brussels Institute), founded by TEV, carries out monitoring of anti-Semitic hate crimes in accordance with methods developed by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). When monitoring occurrences of anti-Semitism, the Institute records and analyzes these occurrences based on information delivered by various sources, which have proved the effectiveness in monitoring hate crimes. The monitoring process, which categorizes incidents into seven different groups, relies on the following sources: the Institute’s own Research and Incident Monitoring Group, information available in the press and public media, and relevant data possessed by branches of government with which we have established agreements and a frameworks for cooperating to better monitor incidents of anti-Semitism or other hate crimes.

Expertise in the Background of Monitoring and Research

The Brussels Institute research and monitoring activities are grounded in the professional expertise, leadership and oversight of, among others,  sociologist Dr. András Kovács, professor at Central European University (CEU) and academic consultant of the Institute for the Study of Ethnic-National Minorities at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, sociologist Dr. Ildikó Barna, assistant professor at ELTE TÁTK’s, Department of Social Research Methodology, and Andrew Srulevitch, East European expert of the Anti Defamation League (ADL), USA. Expert participants in the collection of data and the research project have years of experience as volunteers in research projects under the direction of scientists. The Institute has a broad international contact base through the founding organization TEV, including the most highly recognized civil organizations in the field (ADL – Anti-Defamation League, AJC – American Jewish Committee, CST – Community Security Trust) and its brain trusts. This offers the opportunity for publication of results that are valid and exact even in international comparison and opens the possibility of this becoming the most important scientific workshop in the field, especially considering that the provision of valid, scientifically well-grounded data on anti-Semitism, anti-Semitic phenomena and attitudes was set as one of its most important goals by the Foundation at its inception. This undertaking, long overdue but not carried through to date, may eventually provide the grounds for a meaningful national dialogue regarding this field.

Alliance between Jewish Communities

Public oversight of the Brussels Institute is guaranteed by the Action and Protection Foundation’s Board of Trustees, with a representation of the major Hungarian Jewish religious and cultural movements, as well as the civil domain.