The Brussels Institute- About us

The Brussels Institute, founded in 2012 by Action and Protection Foundation, carries out monitoring of antisemitic hate crime in accordance with methods worked out and proposed by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). In monitoring antisemitic phenomena the Institute records and analyzes them on the basis of information delivered by various standardized sources. The monitoring process, which categorizes incidents into seven different groups, relies on the following sources: the sources of the Institute’s
own Research and Incident Monitoring Group, information available in the press and public media, and relevant data to be found in judicial, criminal and other state administrative records in the framework of an agreement with these branches of government.

The institute has set up a now operational HOTLINE that can be reached by dialing the number (+36 1) 51 00 000,
where incidents of antisemitic and anti-Jewish behavior can be reported.

Beyond regular publication of the monthly monitoring reports the Brussels Institute’s research plan incorporates a comprehensive research project related to Jewry—using both quantitative and qualitative methods—, as well as a survey on the current situation concerning antisemitism that encompasses society as a whole. Furthermore, the program includes development of a differentiated training program that prepares different levels and participants of state administration for action and appropriate procedure on racist
and antisemitic phenomena, in the form of teaching materials for the educational system and further training.

Our contact details are:

Address: Budapest 1081, Baross u. 61.